Its Quince time!

When we walk into a room and hear “Corazon Sin Cara” and “Danza Kuduro”  or “Te Amo y Te Amo” playing it can only mean one thing…its Quince time!   Girls everywhere are turning their sweet fifteens into more of a coming of age celebration with exciting new trends.    Quinceaneras’ are not what they used to be.

Girls are now having themed celebrations, whether it’s a winter wonderland, under the sea or the moon and stars, themes are turning up everywhere and there is something for everyone.  Accessories no longer just include the usual rings, bracelets, and earrings.  Girls now want to be a princess; they want crystal tiaras, and royal, whimsical accessories.   Tiaras have become a staple for most girls, as are scepters, which are more elaborate and give a fairytale feel.

However one thing that is always important to a Quinceanera is the gown.  Girls want to look glamorous, sophisticated and quite impressive as they enter the ball and spend the night with their friends.  Most girls want ball gowns, strapless gowns, but most importantly long and flowy.  Most Quinceanera gowns are pretty pink and blue tones.  White is a popular color for Sweet fifteens, as is silver and colors in the pastel family.  Some girls go away from the norm and wear bright yellow or blue, but for the most part they go for a pink or white, but for a gown fit for a princess.


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