Its Prom Time

Prom is the most exciting night in a girls’ high school career.  The night is filled with expectations of what to wear, who to go with, and what to do after prom.  The stakes are high, the pressure is on and Faviana is here with the perfect solution for every girl going to prom 2012.  Finding the perfect dress is one of the hardest decisions a girl makes in her high school career.  Faviana has a few ideas for how to try on and pick the perfect dress.

Footwear is key in selecting the perfect dress, if you have shoes you are dying to wear bring them along when you try on dresses, it can be easier to match that way.  Even if you don’t have your ideal shoe but one with the same heel, bring those along because that will be easier in determining the right length that your dress should be.

Undergarments play a huge role in perfecting your prom look.  The right bra is essential.  Wearing a strapless or better yet a convertible bra will give you a better idea how different styles will look on the big night because you won’t have to photoshop out the straps in your mind’s eye.

Bring your inspiration to the store.  If you have a favorite celebrity or look you have been creating in your head, rip out the magazine page, print them off your favorite blogs and bring them to the store.  This will help the salesperson guide you in the right direction and help her better identify your dream dress.

From shoes, to undergarments to inspiration and more finding the perfect dress is not easy.  There are tons of options, tons of colors, patterns, materials, but there is something for everyone and a dress out there to make every girls night perfect.


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