It’s the Pretty Little Liars Finale!

As season three of Pretty Little Liars wraps up, we’re left with a bunch of questions, that will hopefully be answered tonight, when Face of Faviana, Ashley Benson, and castmates light up the TV screens across the country. For instance. . .

Who is The Girl in the Red Coat?

Forget about the girl in the red dress, in this show it’s all about the red hooded coat. This mysterious person has been lurking around Rosewood for two seasons and hopefully tonight, she’ll be revealed. Is it CeCe Drake, Jenna Marshall, or does it mark the return of Alison DiLaurentis? Or will that most fun trope from soap operas of old be revealed: an evil twin??

Is Toby dead or alive?

The Little Liars visit Spencer at Radley, and try to convince her that the body she saw wasn’t Toby’s, but she won’t believe them. So the girls sneak into the morgue to and discover the body’s wearing a Halloween mask—it’s not Toby. There’s a sense of relief until Pam confides in Emily that another dead body has been found in the same spot where Spencer said she last saw Toby.

Is Spencer joining the A Team?

One thing drives Spencer and that is finding out whether or not Toby’s still alive. So did she cross over like a strappy prom gown and join Mona and the A Team, or is she simply undercover and trying to get to the bottom of things? Perhaps we’ll find out tonight. . .  .

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