Interview with Shala, designer at Faviana


Interview with Shala, designer at Faviana




1. When did you realize fashion was what you wanted to do?

As a child I was always busy making new outfits for my dolls, when I grew up that translated into an interest in pattern and fashion design. Today, I always design with the fashion smart girl in mind and try to create the perfect dress for any occasion.


2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I follow the trends on TV and the red carpet very carefully but I also have a really good understanding of our market, I create designs that cater to our customers' wishes for up-to-the-minute style.


3. How long does the process to create a dress take? 

Truthfully, it depends on each style. Some styles come together seamlessly but others take weeks of careful tweaking to be sure that the finished look is as flattering as possible. I am always very meticulous with details because most of our dress are made with sequins, embroidery, and beading so it can takes time to create the perfect dress.
 Our design team has had disagreements about whether a skirt should be 1 inch longer or shorter! But I will say that it takes 1 to 2 months to perfect a style.


4. What Faviana style are you particularly proud of? 

All of the Faviana styles are like my children so it's really hard for me to pick my favorite! Honestly, I love them all.


5. What struggles do you encounter when designing a dress? 

My biggest struggle when designing is matching colors when we use a combination of fabrics. Once we get it right the final look always has much more depth so it's always worth the trouble!

6. What makes Faviana different from its competitor? 

Faviana really focuses on quality, fit, and design. These are the most important factors in fulfilling our mission statement which is to help women feel good about themselves!We want to make sure our customers feel more confident and always get exceptional value out of each dress they purchase from us!


7. What trends do you predict for Spring 2014?

Well sexy silhouettes have been all over the red carpet, I think we'll be seeing this style paired with a lot of sequence fabrics, embroidery and bead work. 

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