If The Shoe Fits

Every fashionista’s dream is to have a shoe collection that’s even half as vast (and expensive) as that of Carrie Bradshaw, shoe extraordinaire.  She seems to have a shoe that fits every occasion – heels that she seems to be comfortable roaming the streets of New York in, and sandals to wear out on her frequent dates.  Her collection is certainly beyond compare, and while most of her get-ups are a bit over-the-top, we can’t help but grovel over the accessories, dresses, tops, bags, and of course her “lovers.”

In real life, Carrie’s collection might be excessive – but her overall attitude towards shoes definitely isn’t.  They’re a vital part of an outfit and are works of art in themselves…ones that add personality and interest to an otherwise incomplete look.  For every outfit, there’s a shoe that fits perfectly – but often times, several styles can do the trick.  Wedges are funky, heels are sexy, flats are cute and sandals are flirty.  Depending on the event you’re attending and what you’re wearing, there are tons of shoes out there that will work perfectly with your outfit.  For a formal evening look, delicate sandals are understated, yet dressy.  If your event is more casual and fun and you’re wearing a short dress, a pair of platform pumps – in any color – will make your legs look miles long.  Add a pop of color to a black dress with bright heels, or go neutral if your dress has a pattern or several colors.  Metallics make a monochromatic dress more interesting, and they can add more impact to an already sparkly look.

There’s no doubt that the perfect shoe really brings together an entire look – especially a more formal one.  While we might not have thousands of pairs to choose from on a given night out, all we need is a few versatile choices to give every outfit a polished touch.  Carrie can certainly be our inspiration, but her extreme shoe fetish is a dangerous one (albeit totally glamorous and TV-worthy) – not only will all those beauties damage our wallets, but after a while, they’ll start to hurt our poor feet, too!


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