How to wear white to prom!


How to wear white to prom!


I know this sounds crazy but when it came time for me to shop for my own prom dresses I adamantly told my mom that I didn't care what color it was "just NOT white". I think my biggest fear at the time was that wearing white was going to make me look too much like a bride.

There's nothing wrong with that style if you love it, but for me it was an image I definitely wasn't ready to portray with my high school boyfriend. I found a royal purple dress that I fell in love with, but as the years pass I find myself thinking more and more on why I didn't want to wear the color, white is gorgeous! I finally figured out the ways to wear white without feeling like you're walking down the aisle!




One of the biggest things to consider when wearing white is fabric and cut, trust me I love lace and organza as much as the next girl but depending on the cut and style of your dress you can come out looking too bridal. Pick a fitted and decidedly modern cut like style which has an illusion design that is wonderfully flattering. The metallic sheen of this fabric gives you the right amount of sparkle so don't worry about not standing out! 

Nina earrings- Celia Clear


Try pairing this dress with big edgy accessories that have character of their own! I love these statement earrings from Nina. Brides usually opt for more demure pearl earrings or simple rhinestone ones so this style is sure to keep you looking young and chic!

I hope you enjoy this frosty modern look! Click through our other collections to find your dream prom dress! 


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