How to Save on Your Perfect Prom


How to Save on Your Perfect Prom


Prom is one of the most exciting parts of a girlʼs high school experience and thereʼs a lot of planning that goes into just one day! Between the limo, dinner, and your corsage not to mention all the other odds and ends the cost of the day can really skyrocket! According to ABC News the nationwide average for a prom is $1,139. Thatʼs crazy! But not to worry, we have a few helpful hints on how to stay in budget!


The Dress


Your 2014 prom dress is a huge part of the night and besides how much fun you have what youʼll probably remember most is how amazing you feel in your dress! Plus youʼll always have your pictures to look back on to remind you why you fell in love with it in the first place! Luckily you donʼ have to break the bank to look amazing at your dance and Faviana believes in affordable cutting edge fashion!








Dinner is one of the areas you can easily save on! Maybe this is a personal preference but when Iʼm all fancied up in a cocktail dress I definitely donʼt want to have an entire steak dinner (am I the only one who gets food babies?). Try staging a small potluck style dinner with just your prom group! Itʼs a lot of fun to share a meal that youʼve all put love and work into!




Makeup and Hair




This one is a bit of a toss up because your comfort level is really important but you donʼt have to splurge by getting your hair and makeup professionally done. I prefer to do my hair and makeup because I know Iʼll emerge looking how I want to. If theyʼre not your thing take to YouTube and look for a few tutorials you like or read the Faviana blogs that teach you how to apply false eyelashes! Start practicing a few weeks in advance and when the big day comes youʼll be all set! Plus, youʼll have a lot of awesome hair and face days leading up to the big night! Can anyone say prom date?







Getting a limo may seem like a lot of fun but transportation can be stupidly expensive and if your prom group is large it can be downright problematic. Instead choose a few trusty drivers and travel in smaller groups! No one has to fight about music and youʼll be happily reunited at prom! Just make sure that thereʼs enough room for everyone to be riding legally! A ticket would be a huge downer on your special night!



Click through our collections to find your dream dress and other helpful hints on how to make the most of your prom experience! 





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