How to perfect lipstick

How to perfect lipstick

As I’ve mentioned before I have a deep and abiding love for all things makeup but there are some aspects that I still struggle with. Until recently I could never quite get the grasp of lipstick; I always thought it was a little too “old” for me and I dismissed it as an unnecessary part of a beauty routine. I could not have been more mistaken! While it’s true that lipstick might not be an everyday part of your look the right pop of color can completely transform your favorite white formal gown and can take you from casual to the red carpet!

In this post we are going to completely ignore colors and focus on perfect application! I hope these tips and tricks help you get your perfect pout!

1  – You should always start with smooth, moisturized lips. I would suggest doing a simple lip scrub and then applying your favorite lip balm 5-10 minutes before you plan on putting on your lipstick. Do the rest of your face while you wait or you can take the time to apply your false lashes! This step allows yours lips to soak up the nutrients from your balm and it will give you a nice clean canvas for you to apply your choice of color!

2 – Next step is lip liner! While you should follow the natural shape of your lips remember that you have a little leeway in terms of the shape of your mouth, so do what feels natural! Now this is a little secret I’ve learned, not only do you want to line the shape of your lips so that you don’t have lipstick running every which way, but you also want to fill in your lips with the lip liner before you apply your lipstick. We all want to avoid having that strange “only lip liner” look that happens as your lipstick wears off throughout the day so fill it all in! It doesn’t have to be perfect but it will give your lips a base of color and give your lipstick something to hold on to!

3 – This is when you finally get to apply your lipstick! It goes without saying that the key to flawless lips is to “color in the lines” but many girls find this challenging. One way to rectify the situation is to apply your color with a lipstick brush! A brush will give you much more control and much sharper lines when you’re applying. I like to apply one coat, then blot with a tissue before putting on another layer.

4 – Our last step is another one of the sneaky secrets I have. After you apply your lipstick go back in with your preferred concealer and conceal along the edges of your lips to make sure that your lipstick stands out and looks sharp! Give the fresh concealer a quick puff of translucent powder and you’re ready to hit the town!

As with fashion makeup doesn’t have any rules you must  follow but I hope these tips will help you get ready for your prom 2014 or special occasion!


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