How to Have the Best Prom EVER!

Can you believe Madonna couldn’t find a date for her prom and Reese Witherspoon’s date stood her up, so she wound up attending with her own father?!

Faviana wants you to have the best prom possible, so we’re releasing an ebook, Prom Night: How to Look, Dress, and Be Your Best Vol. 2, to help guide you through the process. From picking a gown, to sticking to a budget, to figuring out how to take unforgettable photos, this e-guide is here to help. For example:

Carrie’s mom was totally cray-cray, but even sane parents are going to have questions, comments, and concerns about your prom. We’ll show you how to avoid arguments and instead set your parents’ minds at ease.

Sure, you could select your prom gown by color or by listening to what your friends say, or you could look to the stars and rely on your zodiac sign for guidance. Aries love fiery shades, while Virgos are perfectionists who don’t like a lot of wishy washy chiffon. We’ll show you the best styles and colors for every sign.

You don’t need to spend money on a fancy facial, because everything you need for beautiful skin is already in your pantry. Note, we’ll give you recipes—please don’t just dump honey on your face.

Are you an hourglass or a cello? An apple or a pear? Relax, because Faviana has the perfect gown to bring out the best in every body shape.

Everyone knows that when it comes to fashion, rules are made to be broken, right? We’ll tell you which fashion principles to cast aside (redheads can wear whichever color they want!) and which you should pay attention to (no pantyhose with open-toed shoes).

You want to look your best in prom photos, so just say no to duck lips, MySpace angles and gang signs. It may seem funny in the moment, but two years (or two weeks) down the line, when you’re looking at the photos, you’ll wonder why none of them reflect the natural beauty that is you. We’ll show you how to ensure you leave the prom with great photos—and your dignity—intact.

Download your copy of Prom Night: How to Look, Dress, and Be Your Best Vol. 2 here.


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