How to complete your look with style 7366


How to complete your look with style 7366!


Summer is filled with events that require formal attire and you are struggling to find the perfect gown. Whether your going to a formal gala, getting ready for a cruise, or attending a formal wedding, finding that combination between too simple and too “prom-looking” can be a challenge.


That’s why we have created style 7366! With a stunning sweetheart neckline on a chiffon gown and the intricate beadwork, this dress seems to be the perfect balance you are looking for. Here are a few style tips for the best way to complete your formal look.




1.     Loose curls or elegant up-do. The sweetheart neckline makes it easy to create different hairstyles that will all compliment this dress. If you are attending a formal dinner, something down with big curls is a good way to go. If you are attending a gala, consider a loose up-do to keep your hair out of your face on the dance floor!


loose curls


2.     Heels or flats. Again, you have so many options with style 7366! If you are a pro at wearing heels for long periods of time, a silver beaded shoe is beautiful with this dress. However, not everyone is a master with wearing heels. Flats or beaded sandals like these from Steve Madden are a great option.


steve madden sandals


3.    Chunky necklace or simple heirloom. If you consider yourself an accessory junkie, a big rhinestone necklace is ideal. You could even tie in the color of the dress with your jewelry. Others prefer to wear something a little more timeless and simple, so your grandmother’s favorite single diamond necklace is a fabulous choice.


teal jewelry


4.     Shall or no shall. If you’re afraid to show too much skin or simply get cold easily, a shall can be worn with this dress. Even a short, bolero jacket would be nice. Depending on the color of the dress, black or grey would be nice color options for outwear.


5.     Clutch or cross body. Carrying a purse with this style is no problem. We recommend a silver clutch or cross body to compliment the rhinestone detailing in the dress.


silver clutch


Overall, we suggest silver accessories with style 7366. It’s a seamless combination of elegant and fun. Step out in style at your red carpet event with this dress and our style tips. 


We hope you enjoy this look from one of our best lines. Click through our website to find your dream dress!



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