Holiday Party How-To’s

The days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are filled with parties, so here are a few things that will guarantee your place as everyone’s favorite guest (star).

Never arrive empty-handed

Whether it’s a bottle of their favorite bubbly, a little scented something, or even a sprig of mistletoe, a guest bearing gifts is a guest who’ll be invited back.

Dress festive

Whether it’s a spangly gown for a black tie event, or just a dazzling blouse for a quiet house party, putting a little extra effort into your outfit is a way of showing your host that you appreciate the invitation. Not to mention that a little extra attention to your appearance could lead to a steamy mistletoe moment of your own.

Be on time!

There’s making an entrance and then there’s being late. Pay attention to the time on the invite and plan accordingly. If you know it takes you two hours to get dress, start early. Another party to attend? Let your host know if you’ll be arriving late or leaving early.


There’s a time and a place for tucking yourself away in a corner with a friend you haven’t seen for years, but a party is neither that time nor that place. Say hi, catch up, but don’t forget about everyone else in the room. You two can make solo plans for later. If you’re the shy type, do your best to climb out of your shell for an hour or two. Introduce yourself, smile, and keep moving. You may meet a new friend. Or even a new handsome stranger.

Moderation is your friend

Whether at the bar or at the buffet table, you don’t want to be the guest who had five cocktails and two pounds of shrimp. If you’re of drinking age, alternate club sodas with cocktails, and if you arrive ravenous (please try to avoid doing that), concentrate on filling proteins rather than giant handfuls of chips. And if you’re underage, don’t drink alcohol. You’re putting your host at risk if you get caught.

The attitude is gratitude

Obviously, pulling an Irish Goodbye is rude beyond belief, and you should always thank your host(ess) graciously as you leave, but following up the next day with a quick text, email or card is going the extra mile. You can be sure that as they’re cleaning up from the night before, your simple acknowledgment will be appreciated.


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