Graduation Looks for Every Venue!


Graduation Looks for Every Venue!


For many of you high school graduation is just around the corner! This is one of the most exciting/absolutely terrifying moments of your life as you transition from the high school friends you’ve known for four years to a bigger student body on your college campus! Even if you’re not planning on going to college, graduation is still a huge step into your next phase of life whether that’s getting a job or choosing to travel! As always, I believe in dressing up for every special occasion and graduation is definitely special! Traditionally, girls wear white to their graduation ceremony so I’ve picked three of Faviana’s gorgeous dresses that come in ivory! If you’ve never been much for tradition (go you!) not to worry! These styles all come in a variety of bright colors!


The Outside Graduation


So there’s something charming about outdoor graduations but there are some unfortunate realities about them as well. My college graduation was outside and OH MY GOSH it was so hot, plus those not so flattering robes basically act like trash bags and trap heat to your body. If your ceremony is going to be outside go for short cocktail dresses like style 7214! Due to the length and open back this adorable dress will help keep you cool through the commencement speech and ceremony! Remember if your ceremony is outside opt for a pair of flats or sensible wedges. Nothing is worse than having your favorite pumps covered in mud and sinking into the ground! Also, don’t forget to wear sun screen on your face, you don’t want to look burned in your photos or even worse, have an awkward tan from your graduation cap!




The Fancy Graduation


This might seem surprising but sometimes graduations are held in truly amazing venues such as huge arenas or if you go to a religious school, ornate cathedrals and churches. If your graduation is taking place in a grandiose location dress for the event with something a tad fancier like style S7324! This is one of our popular prom dresses but it’s perfect for your ceremony as well! The beaded detail is just enough to give your look an extra bit of sophistication without wearing head to toe sequins. (Although if you’re into that, we make dresses like that too) To keep this from being too over the top wear simple jewelry and natural looking hair. Toning down your accessories when wearing a beaded or ornate dress is a great way to make sure you look amazing without looking like you put too much work into it.




The Casual Graduation


Some schools like to keep their ceremonies quick and casual so if your graduation is being held in your school gym or auditorium you may want to wear something with slightly less bling like style 7338 which we just released in a bright ivory. I am obsessed with this long chiffon dress because it has endless potential! The simple sweet heart neckline and flattering silhouette are perfect for a variety of occasions so you know you’ll get a ton of use out of it. It’s easily transformed with just a few new accessories! This dress can be paired with flats, sandals or heels depending on your preference and just image a bold statement necklace (in your school colors) paired with it. It’s the perfect look for your big day!




ConGRADulations to all of our fashion smart girls who have worked so hard and are getting to enjoy their efforts! We are so proud of you and we look forward to your bright futures!

By Faviana NY



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