Go Bold Go Bright This Season

While the LBD might be a safe bet for an event or just a night out, it seems like style icons and clothing designers are taking a little more risk when it comes to color choice.  Though black, white and neutral tones probably won’t ever go out of style, this season’s fashions challenge us to embrace bright colors and use them to make a strong statement.  Recently, stores have seen that their brightly colored items have been simply flying out the door.  From jeans to dresses, everything seems to look better in color.

Of course, there are a variety of ways to interpret this colorful trend: lime green sunglasses, hot pink lipstick, neon layering tank tops, patterned bikinis, purple dresses, multicolored bangles…the list goes on.  But instead of using color as accents like these smaller accessories do, designers have incorporated brights in even bigger ways.  Bold-colored dresses can take the place of the little black or white numbers we’ve depended on for oh so long.  And truly, a red-hot hue gives an otherwise elegant and understated gown an unexpected, summery twist.  While bold colors might be difficult to deal with in terms of matching accessories, don’t stick to matchy-matchy extras; the color challenge is all about thinking outside the box and adding personal elements to an outfit that make it unique and striking.

This season’s color palette is certainly a big trend to test out in big ways.  But perhaps it’s not really a trend at all.  This season’s styles have re-ignited fashion’s ultimate goal: to allow its patrons to stand out, experiment and really push the envelope.  Bright colors simply present more options in terms of creative choices we can make with our daily (and nightly) ensembles.  As the season begins, push those black dresses to the back of the closet and try to forget about them for the time being.  Black is a staple, and no, it will never go out of style.  But perhaps after this season, bright colors will become this way too.


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