Four Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The good news is, we’ve already passed what psychologists agree is the Most Depressing Day of the year, Monday, January 21, and from now on, the days will continue to get longer during the lead-in to Spring. But still, so many of us feel blah this time of year. The holidays are over, the skies are gray, and there’s nothing to look forward to until Valentine’s Day, which can be awful in its own way, depending on your situation. But instead of wallowing in the Winter Blues, embrace them. Here’s how—

Throw a winter dance party

Dancing—even by yourself—is a great way to blow off steam, burn calories and get your heart pumping. Challenge your friends to come up with songs that have to do with winter and/or the blues. New Order’s classic “Blue Monday” is a catchy retro tune, but so is the Madonna hit “True Blue.” Test your friends to find less obvious ones like Taylor Swift’sCold As You,” or Selena Gomez’s new take on the blues, “Cry Me a River.”

Wrap yourself in color

Drawing inspiration from the crisp bright blue winter sky, brighten up your wardrobe with some new blue attire. Slip into a pair of overdyed cobalt jeans during the day, and dazzle at night in a sparkly blue gown, like this one from our Ashley Benson Collection.

Source: Miss Pop Nails

Decorate your digits

It’s pretty much impossible to be in a bad mood when every time you look down, you see rhinstones, snakes, and/or even possibly Hello Kitty. You can either learn to paint and bedazzle these manicures yourself, with the help of DIY videos, or pay a salon to do them for you. Or, easiest option yet, is to buy a set of nail stickers, like these from seller Etsy seller Cha Cha Covers or pick up the Sally Hanson version at your local drugstore.

Gratitude is the attitude

Sure, your tan is long gone and it’s hard to get up and go when it’s this cold outside, but instead of moping around your house, take stock in all the good in your life. Starting a gratitude journal is one great way to do this. Keep it next to your bed and the first thing every morning, write down three things you’re grateful for. It could be as simple as your faithful cat companion, or as complicated as your aptitude for calculus. Starting off the day on a positive note will turn even the grayest skies blue.

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