Four Ways to Add a Little Warmth Between Winter and Spring

Few things are more exciting than setting the clock ahead and beginning the countdown to Spring. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t always onboard with what the calendar says and so while March and April days may start off warm and sunny, you may end up with frigid temps at night—or even a nor’easter—to ruin plans and, more importantly, outfits.

Dressing in layers is the obvious solution and that works for most days. But what if you’re on your way to a formal occasion? How do you keep comfortable in a sparkly little cocktail dress? Or a formal gown, for that matter? Here are five solutions to help you stay warm while still looking hot.

Boot Up


Most of us look for a sparkly sandal or pump when pouring ourselves into our favorite little black dress, but as Blake Lively and other fashion-forward types have proven, sometimes the contrast between a heavy boot and a shimmering evening gown adds a fashionable touch of whimsy to a look. There’s a lot to be said for warm, dry toes too.

Borrow a shawl from your granny

No, we’re not suggesting you befoul your prom dress with some old knit afghan, but instead pick out a neutral, or complementary-colored pashmina, scarf, or even a vintage piano shawl to wrap around your shoulders for warmth.

Love some gloves


Opera-length gloves not only give you a dramatic look, they take formal gowns to the next level. And while they’re at it, they keep your hands, forearms, elbows and biceps toasty warm.

Choose your date wisely

Source: Channing Tatum Unwrapped

Whether you’re going to prom, walking the red carpet, or celebrating a special event, cozying up to a handsome someone who elevate your heart rate, make you blush and keep you operating at a higher (aka warmer) temperature all night long—in even the most frigid temperatures.


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