Four Fun Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Whether it’s a four-leaf clover, a green drink, or a shamrock shake, green is the color of St. Patrick’s Day. Here are five ways to amplify (or fake!) your Irish.

The wearing of the green!

When emerald green was declared the Pantone color of the year, we were excited. After all, green is the color of spring, and after a long, gray winter, we’re ready for some grassy green. This formal gown will have Irish eyes—and everyone else’s—smiling.

Listen to Irish music!

Irish music can be loud and fun—like the Pogues or Dropkick Murphys—and having you dancing like a madwoman, even if you’re wearing a prom dress. Then again, only a woman with a heart of stone could keep from staining her little black dress with salty tears whilst listening to Sinéad O’Connor’s heartbreaking version of “I am Stretched on your Grave.”


Go see the parade!

There is no procession more raucous, wild, or fun than the St. Patrick’s Day parade. Onlookers painted with shamrocks, Hibernian ladies marching in red carpet dresses, and of course, the bagpipers! Whether your town’s is big or small, don’t give it a miss.


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