Four Fun, Frugal and Fabulous Date Ideas!

It’s Friday night and your boo hasn’t made reservations anywhere, the movie theater is  going to be a madhouse, and your favorite band is playing, but the show’s sold out. You could sit home and Netflix it with your guy, but you have your whole adult life to be lame and boring. Here are five ideas that require no planning, minimal finances, and maximum fun.

Walk some dogs

What’s that you say, you don’t have a dog? That’s not a problem at all. Call your local shelter and see if any of their charges need exercise. After being cooped up in a cage all day, most pups would be happy to go for a run with you and your man. And who knows, you may fall in love and come home with a new canine pal.

Source: Third Age

Glide your way to fun

Whether it’s blades in the winter, or wheels the rest of the year, skating ‘round a rink, hand in hand, is good fun and great exercise. If you’re a complete newbie, there’s usually an expert on hand who can give you some pointers, but even falling down is more fun when there’s someone there to catch you.

Source: Honeymoons Inc.

Start planning a getaway

Instead of tuning out in front of the television, start mapping out a romantic vacation. First decide on a destination by looking through sites like Nomadic Matt and Jauntsetter for off-the-beaten-track ideas, and then go to a bookstore and browse the travel books. Download an app that’ll find you the best airfare and another that’ll teach you a new language. Practice your newly learned phrases on each other and see where the night takes


The couple that learns together. . . .

Whether it’s a new language, a craft like pottery, or even a knife-skills class at your local kitchen store, learning something together is a fun bonding experience. And the best part of being an adult—nobody cares if you cheat on your homework.


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