Four essentials for a flawless Valentine’s Day

Despite what you all the schlocky commercials might lead you to believe, a romantic partner is not key to having a fun day of love. True, it’s nice to get a smooch from someone who makes your heart leap out of your chest, but it’s not essential. Here are five things that are. . . .

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The right soundtrack

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Whether your tastes lean towards Bieberesque pop or metal madness, you need to round up a great playlist for the day. Put it on Spotify to share with your friends, or just load up your iPod. Rock critic Maura Johnston of Maura Magazine names “One Thing” as the best One Direction song, while Entertainment Weekly called “Just Like Heaven” by The Cure one of the top 25 love songs of all time. If February 14 has you feeling heartbroken and bereft, give into it and sob along with Adele. Take hope that after writing the saddest (and most lucrative) album in the world, Adele found love and happiness.

Chocolate, duh

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No boo to buy you candy? No problem—buy your own. Or do what Jill H. used to do and send yourself some. It’s always fun to open a package and even better when the reward is sweet creamy deliciousness. And forget those drugstore candy samplers, go fancy. After all, you deserve the best.

Think pink

The color pink is said to represent nurturing, compassion, and—of course—love. Whether you’re in a relationship, hoping to bring a little love into your life, or blissfully single, pink is your color. Plus, it’s universally flattering. So whether it’s a dazzling dress like the one pictured, a demure bag, like this one by Juicy Couture, or some sparkly fuchsia earrings, throw a little love out into the world and look great doing it.

Date movies; date optional

If you’re solo or with pals this V-Day, you might want to Netflix some rom-coms to watch, like Bridesmaids, Annie Hall, Wedding Crashers, or even Magic Mike. If you’re looking for something for you and your smoochie to snuggle up with, The Notebook is almost always showing on the Lifetime Channel and Say Anything is a classic, with Cusack at his best. Feeling alone and bitter? The War of the Roses, Tank Girl or nearly anything with explosives is the answer for you. In fact, the latest in the Die Hard series, A Good Day to Die Hard is opening February 14!


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