Foods to help you beat the heat

As the days get longer and we spend more time outside it’s important that you stay hydrated and cool in your short dress while in the hot summer sun! It’s easy to forget to watch your water intake and that can easily leave you feeling exhausted and slow. Here are a few super foods that will help you stay cool and look amazing in your favorite formal dress!


Obviously this is not a food, but I cannot stress enough the importance of drinking the appropriate amount of water during the day! Every system in our body relies on it to function, and if your cocktail dress isn’t doing the trick, it is sure to keep you cool. So make sure you leave the house armed with your favorite water bottle and make sure you drink plenty during the day!


Oranges are also ideal in aiding with hydration and they’re chock full of vitamin C which can help with cardiovascular, eye, and skin health! They’re the perfect snack after you participate in physical outdoor activities, so throw a few in your bag on the way to your next summer music festival or frisbee game! They will keep you energized for whatever activity you have planned, giving you a natural glow in your formal cocktail dress.


Yogurt is my all-time favorite hot weather snack. I like to pop mine in the freezer and enjoy at as a replacement for ice cream! Yogurt is obviously dairy but in addition to getting your needed calcium you’re also getting potassium and magnesium. I like to think of yogurt as a sneaky super food. Yogurt is also full of probiotics which can aid in digestion and boost your immune system.

Use these tips and have a healthy summer!


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