Five Writers with the Right Stuf

Being that November is National Novel Writing Month, we thought we’d count down some of the most fashion-savvy writers of the past and present.

1.) Candace Bushnell

When most of us think of Sex and the City, we think of the television show, starring Sarah Jessica Parker, waltzing across Manhattan in high-fashion frocks and her ever-present Manolo Blahniks. But before SATC was a show, it was a novel. And before that, a newspaper column for The Observer. Fashion was important to the show, because it was important to Bushnell, who is almost always spotted impeccably dressed in designer gear. When asked about her favorite Carrie fashion moment, Bushnell responded, “You know, I’ve always loved that crazy tutu that Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the opening credits.

Photo source: USA Today

2.) Anais Nin

The scandalous Nin was born in France to a mother who was a singer and pianist/composer dad. So it makes sense that Nin’s style was boho chic, long before Sienna Miller was even a glimmer in her grandparents’ eyes. Dramatic ruffled gowns, dark red lipstick, and scarves wrapped through her tresses were all signature looks. No wonder so many brilliant men found her so irresistible, even though her long skirts were sometimes intended to fend off men’s advances. She told a friend she dressed, “like a warrior, to defend myself against possession.” As Henry Miller and many of her other admirers will attest, that didn’t hurt her allure at all.

Photo source: Worn Through

3.) Edith Wharton

Best known for her novels, The House of Mirth or The Age of Innocence—for which she won a Pulitzer, Edith Wharton was a wealthy woman with an eye for design and a feminist before there was even a word for it. Wharton’s obsession with aesthetics carried over from the home she designed, out to her gardens, and back into her closets, which were filled with the finest couture of her time. The sumptuous film adaptations of her books are fantastic showcases of the bustles, corsets, and lush fabrics of the period.

Photo source: The American Novel

4.) Plum Sykes

Possibly the most glamorous woman on this list is Victoria “Plum” Sykes, Vogue contributor, ex-model, and the author of several novels, including Bergdorf Blondes. Born in England, Ms. Sykes describes herself and her sister as growing up as “poverty-stricken debutants,” recycling gowns and relying on their fashion designer mom for new outfits. Obviously Sykes’s fortunes have improved since landing the magazine gig and having a couple best-sellers under her Bottega Veneta belt and her own lavish wedding was said to have inspired Kate Middleton to call on Alexander McQueen to design her own wedding gown.

Photo source: I Am Fashion

5.) J.K. Rowling

The “Harry Potter” novelist has come a long way since her humble beginnings as single mom of three working as an Amnesty International researcher. From a frumpy mom to a sleek, well-dressed billionairess, Rowling’s style has evolved along with her checkbook. In a move that would bum out any fortysomething woman, she was recently photographed wearing nearly the same Oscar De La Renta floral gown that pop star Rihanna was also caught wearing, and the press had a field day printing side-by-sides of the two. Sigh. At least JK can dry her tears on all those billions of pound notes she’s accumulated.

Photo source: The Telegraph


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