Five tips to finding the perfect pageant gown


Five tips to finding the perfect pageant gown


As pageant season begins with the crowning of Miss USA on Sunday, June 8, it is important to know what to look for in a pageant gown. Often thought of as the defining moment in a pageant, the evening gown competition is crucial to your overall impression. We’ve developed 5 tips that will help you find your stage-ready dress.


1. Remember to think about your personal message


What do you want your dress to say about you? A style such as Faviana S7380 might convey a message that says you are a sophisticated individual who appreciates the detail in a vintage look. 




2. Each judge will have a different idea of “evening gown”


It is nearly impossible to impress every judge with your evening gown. Some are looking for specific colors, some are looking for the hottest trends, and some are focused on how that dress will look on the cover of a magazine. Focus more on what the dress says about you to the judges as a potential titleholder.


3. Find a dress that makes you feel as if you are already wearing the crown


You want to wear a gown that makes you feel like a titleholder. Faviana style S7377 allows you to rock the stage, capture the eyes of your audience, and be photo-ready when the crown is placed on your head. 




4. Think about your entire pageant wardrobe


A gown that is cohesive with the rest of your pageant clothing is often best so that the judges clearly know what you are trying to convey. For example, if you select Faviana S7322 your pageant wardrobe may consist of lace detailing, neutral shades with intricate details, and subtle accessories. 





5. Finally, YOU have to love your pageant gown 


If you aren’t absolutely in love with your dress or how it makes you feel, it will be obvious on stage that you are uncomfortable. Listen to your pageant coach, mom, and best friend, but ultimately, wear a dress that gives you the confidence to shine on stage.


We look forward to watching the crowning of the next Miss USA this Sunday. Congratulations to Miss USA 2013, Erin Brady, on a successful reign and good luck to the 51 contestants.

By Faviana NY



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