Five Items Worth Splurging on


Five Items Worth Splurging on


So, I consider myself a savvy shopper. That’s why I love Faviana! They provide cutting edge fashion at a reasonable price. But since I am a child of the internet when I find something in a store but I’m not willing to pay the asking price the first thing I do is turn to Google for viable replacements. Half the time I can find the same product for less! While snagging a great deal is always amazing I’m gonna give you the five items you shouldn’t skimp on and why they’re worth the splurge.


1- Foundation




I’m putting foundation first on the list because I think this one is slightly debatable. If you’re like me and you don’t wear foundation on a regular basis I would suggest splurging on the high end product of whatever you do wear everyday; in my case, eyeliner. For me makeup is a mix of splurges and saving, but don’t skimp on the quality of your foundation! Sure, the drug store brand will be less expensive but you won’t get as smooth of an application or coverage. Most importantly, higher end foundations are engineered to protect your skin and when you’re rocking your favorite cocktail dresses they will photograph much better!  I’ve also found that with better quality foundations you actually use less of the product and thusly don’t have to replace it as often!


2 – Coats



Living in New York means that a good winter coat is a necessity. And putting money into a quality coat can be the difference between freezing for 6 months or looking fashionable and staying toasty warm! A good coat can last you years and I would venture to say a lifetime if you take good care of it. My mom has passed down leather jackets to me that she purchased when she was my age! I would suggest staying away from flash trends and buying a classic cut coat suitable for both formal and everyday occasions.


3 – Jeans



I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. I love the way a perfectly fitted pair of skinny jeans makes me look and feel but the price tag makes me cringe. For a college student jeans feel like breaking the bank! But we just need to suck it up. Seriously, I just need to get over it because everybody needs jeans. I’ve purchased a cheap $15 pair and they never fit right. Not ever. Now I’m not telling you to only buy $500 jeans or anything like that, but Levi® has a fit that happens to be perfect for me so I bit the bullet and bought two pairs. One in the darkest blue wash they make and another in black. If you encounter a jean that just works for you get them, even if it means passing on a few cheaper items. I would personally not suggest buying anything “distressed” I only say this because rips and tears go in and out of fashion but a good pair of jeans in a classic wash will always be in style (and they can be appropriate for work depending on your work place. Ripped jeans are NEVER ok in the office).


4 – A classic bag


Classic Bag


A great bag can tie an outfit together in a moment. I have a classically styled black leather bag that I saved up for in my junior year of high school, I still have it (and use it) and to this day our love affair is going strong! It is my go-to bag and it has served me well through a variety of special occasions. I even wore it with  homecoming dresses! Great quality bags can be expensive so invest in a bag that you won’t get bored of that is made of a hard to stain-easy to clean material.


5 – Shoes




Everybody has their preferred form of shoe of course but whether you rock a sky high stiletto or a charming ballerina flat with one of our prom dresses 2014 shoes are worth investing in. I find this to be true especially with heels. Since high shoes are already traumatic for your feet investing in well made shoes is a must not only for comfort but also for safety! Of course you’re shaking you head and saying, “Brianna, there’s no such thing as a safe high heel!” and of course you’d be right. But well made shoes will be sturdier which will better protect your ankle and knee heath.



I hope this blog has given you a few ideas about the best way to choose your splurges! Disagree? Let us know! Comment this blog post on FacebookTwitter or Google +!


By Faviana NY


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