Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Size does not matter when buying the perfect prom dress.  Do not let a number on a size tag ruin your day.  One brand’s size two is another brand’s size six and most prom dresses run at least one size smaller.  A number does not mean your too skinny, fat or anything else.   What matters most is that you feel comfortable and confident in your selection.

Think outside of the box.  Prom is a great time to experiment with new looks.  If your style is normally preppy-try something a little flashy.  Tomboys should see how girly they can be.  We are not suggesting you get a new personality, just a little in tune with your wild side for the night.  Think ruffles, feathers, glitter and sequins.

Remember that just because you see your favorite celebrity wearing a dress or you see it in a magazine, doesn’t mean it is an ideal style for you.   so a style that you think will be perfect, might not look so good once you try it on, but remember it is not you or your build, its purely just that some trends are not for everyone.  What looks best on your friend might look bad on you and vice versa.  Try on a bunch of different styles, give yourself a variety to choose from and you will find a ton that look great on you.

Find a good seamstress.  Off-the-rack does not work for every body type.    Girls who are bustier may need to buy a bigger size. Petite women will have a problem finding a dress that does not drag on the ground.  In any case, a dress is rarely perfect and always needs to be tweaked.

Finally when finding the perfect dress, keep your options open.  The dress you have always been dreaming about, might not exist or might be sold out in every store.  Prom is not ruined if that happens, because there are hundreds of styles, out there and every girl can find their perfect prom dress if they keep an open mind and just have fun with the process.


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