Finding the Beauty in Black Friday

While the sensible among us use the Friday after Thanksgiving to sit around in our stretchiest pants, scarfing leftover turkey sandwiches and watching rom-coms, there is a huge swath of the population that takes the extra day off to brave the crowds and bargain hunt the crazy “Black Friday” sales.

And for the last couple years, some retailers are even starting Black Friday a day early (Gray Thursday?), forcing their employees to cut short family celebrations and come in and ring up sales! To this we say, enough! Instead of celebrating the Christmaskkuh kickoff by standing in line for a new Nintendo, here are five black things to appreciate while you’re reheating the gravy.

The Little Black Dress

The LBD is—or should be—a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, especially with the party season kicking into high gear. A girl has to be prepared for office parties, dinners with the in-laws, and all sorts of holiday festivities. And whether you go strapless, sultry, or flirty, the LBD is figure flattering, always appropriate, and inevitably sexy. If you’re going for a more formal look, the Long Black Dress can be a stunning option.

Black Cats

If you’re thinking about getting the kids a kitten this holiday season, consider adopting a little black kitten. Not because black cats are more glam than other kitties (though they are!), but because silly superstitions mean they’re adopted at a much slower rate than your tabbies or Siamese. This is such a problem that the Marin County Humane Society took a page from David Letterman and came up with the “Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat.” Reasons include, “you’ll never lose us in a snowstorm” and “we can be slimming when draped over your lap!”

Black Diamonds

Whereas your plain old clear diamond adds sparkle and bling, black diamonds are a more subtle kind of dazzle. Whether embedded in this sleek, titanium David Yurman band, or combined with other unusually colored diamonds in the pendant pictured above, black diamonds are a stealth hit of dazzle.

Photo source: Bloomingdales

Black Walls

Tired of the same old off-white walls? Paint ‘em black! Whether you do just an accent wall, or douse the entire room in darkness, coal-colored walls can be a chic, sophisticated look. According to the design site, Apartment Therapy, before going black, you should figure out if your dwelling gets enough light to compensate for the darkness and determine if you’re the kind of person who’s comfortable in a cave-like dwelling. If you crave wide open light spaces, you might want to keep the black paint to accents.

Photo source: Apartment Therapy

Black Hair

Some women spend thousands of dollars a year keeping up with their blond highlights and taming their ever-encroaching roots, but natural flaxen-haired Heather Sweet—aka Dita Von Teesedyes hers a seductive inky black. While it’s true that not everyone can carry off a head full of midnight black hair, if you’re already a mousy brown, it might be worth it to take that extra, dramatic steap.

Photo source: Café Makeup


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