Final Countdown to Prom

You’ve got the perfect date and an exquisite dress for prom. Your shoes are that rare combination of beautiful and relatively comfortable. There’s just a few days left ‘til the big day, and you don’t want to forget a thing. So here’s a checklist for the last couple things you need to get done before prom day.


Double-check your transportation

Regardless of whether you’re renting a limo or borrowing mom’s car, a couple days before prom, make sure everything is good to go. Ask your mother to take her ride in for a tune-up or call the limo company and make sure you’re set. You don’t really want to find out just how walkable those heels really are, do you?

Bare is beautiful

Whether you’re wearing a leg-baring cocktail dress or a flowing formal gown, you’re going to want to hit the waxing salon, because even if they’re under a layer of chiffon, hairy legs are not a good look at prom. Make sure to schedule your appointment a couple weeks in advance, because you don’t want to get stuck asking your sister to DIY your bikini wax.


Fingers and toes

Your mom pretty much had a choice between pink, red, or the ubiquitous French manicure, but you can choose from pale nails, baby blues, matte blacks or myriad dazzling designs. Because nail polish is so cheap and easy to try out and remove, experiment before you go to the nail salon.

Chill out!

Prom is supposed to be fun, so if you find yourself getting too freaked out, step back and cool down. Do some yoga or try an easy meditation. You can find great beginner meditations here. Listen to the rain and remember that this is a night you will never forget.


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