Fashion Inspired From The Movies

Every award season actors, actresses, producers, directors get a lot of screen time but what about the people behind the scenes…they win awards for costume and wardrobe but they deserve credit for setting the pace for fashions trends season after season.  Think about how some movies have changed your outlook on fashion, from classics like Breakfast at Tiffanys to Atonement to Clueless and who could forget Sex and the City.

The opening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s has become an  important scenes, where Audrey Hepburn was seen wearing a black Givenchy dress that is now known as one of the most iconic items of clothing of  20th century and perhaps the all time little black dresses.   In 2007, Atonement came out and given the movie had a bleak undertone showcasing life during World War II and after, Kiera Knightley made a showstopping entrance in a green silk dress that catches everyone eye, especially her love interest in the film.

Elizabeth came out in the late 90’s and consisted of over the top hairstyles, gowns, and make up that could make anyone swoon.  This movie showcased fashions for a strong, feminine, yet flirtatious women.    Elizabeth might have shown big dresses, but the 90’s would not be what it was without Clueless.  Clueless showed that knee-high socks, faux fur bags and big floppy hats were in style.  Alicia Silverstone’s character transformed people from fashions don’ts to definite do’s.

But all fashionistas watch one movie for the witty characters but for the most part it’s the fashion that keep girls watching Sex and the City over and over and over again.  The move revolves around Carrie Bradshaw, her love life and her amazing obsession with clothes and shoes.  She reunites with her love over a pair of Manolo Blahniks…what fashonista could resist.   Confessions of a Shopaholic takes its turn on modern style, with a flair.  Costume designer Patricia Field makes this film come alive with bright, bold colors and fabrics that are amazing.  Between the clothes, shoes, and other accessories, this movie is not to be missed by any budding style setter.

There a lot of films that have changed the way girls’ view fashion.  Celebrity trendsetters come from not only what they wear on the red carpet, but from the characters they play in the films.  Next time you watch a movie, watch for the plot but also for the fashions, you never know where your next inspiration could come from.


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