Effortless summer makeup

As unfair as it is that we’re expected to roll out of bed looking like a Victoria Secret model, Summer is the ideal time to embrace our inner beach babe.  Everyone wants to wake up fresh and fabulous, throw on a short dress, and take on the day. You’ve got the dress part down, now here are a few makeup tips that take only a few minutes (and much less makeup) that will leave you sun kissed and ready to go!


If you can get away with it I would suggest slowly weaning yourself off of your foundation. I know that sounds terrifying, but the predominant reason we break out is because of clogged pores.  It is a simple equation, foundation + sweating = more breakouts. Plus everyone hates it when you are out the door and find makeup on your perfect white dress. I would suggest using a concealer for any eye bags and blemishes and dusting everything off with a translucent powder which will keep your makeup from sliding around in the heat. In addition to setting your makeup the translucent powder will give you a dewy finish and banish any unwanted shine! Don’t forget your blush and/or bronzer which gives us that pretty flush!


Anyone in the office can tell you that I rock a cat eye every day of the week, in many ways I consider it a personal signature of mine. Although it is perfect for a lot of occasions like rocking my celebrity dress or feeling fierce at work, there are a few simple ways to make your eyes look bigger without the heavy eyeliner! When I’m doing my best to look natural I find that a dab of concealer on top of my lids instantly brightens my eyes and eliminates any need for eye shadow. Curling your lashes before and after applying your favorite mascara makes a gigantic difference in how big your eyes look and is an often overlooked step. If you still feel like your eyes look a little beady, tight lining your eyes is the secret to completing your natural look! Tight lining is when your apply eyeliner on the inside of your lash line instead of the outside. I know it sounds scary and I’m not going to lie, it is a little the first time you do it, but as with all things practice makes perfect! Check YouTube to see if your favorite beauty gurus have any tutorials and I can guarantee you’ll find one that works for you!


Arguably the easiest part, summer lips should look soft and kissable! I find that the best way to achieve that is by starting with a lip scrub. Just like we exfoliate our faces, scrubbing away any dead or peeling skin on your lips will brighten your look. You can buy a pre made scrub, but I am a do it at home kind of girl and it is ridiculously easy to find a recipe online for a scrub you make at home with ingredients you have lying around the house! After you scrub I would suggest applying a hydrating lip balm that has just a hint of color to pull everything together!

I hope these easy summer make up tips help get you out of your house faster so you can enjoy the beautiful weather more!


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