Dressing Right For a Spring/Summer Wedding

Spring and summer are the seasons for so many outdoor activities, but they are also some of the biggest months for weddings.  As the invitations come pouring in and the cards all read different in terms of attire, it’s hard to choose the perfect outfit.

When the invitation says black tie optional and its springtime, opt for a dress that is a tad more formal than a cocktail dress but isn’t an evening gown.  You can choose a simple floor length dress but with no embellishments, keep it simple or go short with some beading, lace or other detailing.  There are some long dresses with a matte texture or a casual neckline that are ideal for spring/summer black tie optional affairs.

Black tie weddings are hard in the Spring/summer seasons.   They usually call for long evening gowns, but lately women are wearing knee length or even short dresses to black tie weddings.  For a black tie affair the length is not as important as color.  Typically these types of affairs call for darker dresses with more luxe fabrics.  Long dresses can be hot during the summer, especially if the wedding is outdoors, so a short dress is absolutely acceptable for black tie affairs.

Beach weddings are becoming more and more popular over the years.  They are romantic, fun, but also give women an opportunity to wear something flowy and fun to the wedding.  Heels are no no on the beach, so lots of girls are wearing maxi dresses and short cocktail dresses to beach weddings.

Most weddings are semi-formal, which means you should choose a cocktail dress for evening and a short dress for daytime.   If the invitation gives you no indication as to the dress code, this is your best option.   Look for the to the knee or short dresses in fabrics like silk, chiffon, satin with barely any beading.  You cant go wrong with these types of dresses for all special occasions.  The most important thing when buying a formal dress is buy something that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.  You might not be the bride, but you can still feel beautiful when you get dressed up.


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