Dare to Scare!

Repurposing your formalwear for Halloween

Whether it’s last year’s prom dress or the bridesmaid gown your best friend swore up and down you’d wear again and again, most of us have at least one sparkly gown sitting in our closet, gathering dust.

Well, Halloween is the perfect time to bust that baby out and get some more wear out of it. While your friends are going the boring store-bought route with their Naughty Nurses or Sexy Watermelons (yes, that’s really a thing), costumes, you’ll be the belle of the ball in one of these truly imaginative ideas.


Annie, Helen, Becca, Rita or Meghan from Bridesmaids

Whether you do this costume alone or, better yet, as the entire bridal party, all you need is a retired bridesmaids dress, a bouquet, some hairspray (you can learn to do an updo here and your imagination. Oh, and you’ll need to sing the Wilson Phillips hit, Hold On,” often.


Day of the Dead sugar skull

Diá de los Muertos actually takes place on November 1, but what’s one day when you’re talking about honoring the dead? For this, you’ll need the dress of your choice, but the more lacy or boho the better. To hide your hair, make a floral headband by wiring it with big fake flowers. The most complicated part of this costume is applying the sugar skull makeup. Luckily, you can find tutorials here , here and here . If you need anymore inspiration, just check Pinterest.



Poor Carrie didn’t have a very good time at prom , but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time playing her on Halloween. First, pull that prom gown out of the closet and don’t forget a tiara and a sash that reads “winner!” If you don’t already have a head of long blonde hair, you should buy a wig for the occasion. Then, depending on how messy you feel like getting, you can either douse yourself in fake blood , or you can replicate the look, hanging red ribbons off your dress and hair, and smearing lipstick all over your face.


Corpse Bride

Tim Burton’s feel-good movie about marrying the undead may not have burned up the box office, but dressing up as the lead character sure is a great way to repurpose that wedding gown you haven’t worn since your big day. With a long veil, a black wig, and this makeup tutorial , you’ll be breaking hearts and scaring children all over the place.


Zombie starlet

This one is easy, because all you need is a dress with a bit of dazzle and your imagination. Pick your favorite superstar from the past or present and just zombi-fy her. Zombie Taylor Swift or Zombie Kim Kardashian, have some fun!


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