Summer has seen the use of bold colors on everything from our nails to our feet – and all articles of clothing that we can pile on in between.  As summer winds down and fall fashions begin to take center stage, not everything can be in-your-face bright.  However, what we can retain from this summer’s most sensational styles is the idea that we can use color to create interest in an outfit – although this season, we should use a bit of a more muted palette.  Instead of punchy pinks and neon brights, it’s time to opt for more demure colors and softer hues.  But using these colors is what will make our fall looks particularly interesting: the color-blocking technique that seems to have been inspired by the 70’s was everywhere for summer, and is sticking around for the fall too.

But designers aren’t asking us to channel the Partridge Family’s primary-colored frocks; instead, they’re creating designs with a more modern, minimalistic feel that are very new, yet reminiscent of the old.  Pick your favorite colors and play around with color-blocking for fall.  Use two different tones of the same color in one outfit, and pair two distinct, bold colors in another.  There are so many ways to incorporate color into your fall apparel.  With this technique, there’s no excuse for relying on drab blacks/browns/grays for fall.  Take a risk with colorful blouses and skirts – don’t forget to pack a punch with eye-grabbing accessories, too!  While we might have to say goodbye to summer sun for a while, there’s no need to get rid of cheerful summery colors altogether – update your look with color blocking for a fresh take on fall favorites.


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