Choosing the perfect color for your homecoming dress!


Choosing the perfect color for your homecoming dress!


Walking into a retailer to find a plethora of stunning dresses in a variety of colors can feel overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start with style much less color choice! The same sweetheart neckline chiffon gown might be available in 14 different colors like Faviana 6428. So how do you know which color is best for you? It’s pretty much based on three categories: skin tone, hair color, and preference.




Skin tones are either warm or cool. If you have ever heard someone talk about undertones they are referring to pink or blue (cool) and yellow (warm). If you aren’t sure whether your skin tone is warm or cool, visit your local Sephora for the Color IQ which will help you not only with make up, but style as well. A good rule of thumb is that cooler skin tones look better in colors such as pink, purple, blue, and green. Warm skin tones look nice in red, yellow, orange, and green shades. Take the Seventeen skintone quiz for more tips!




Hair color dramatically affects the way you look in specific colors. Since girls are always playing with hair color, your fashion color choices may vary slightly. Brunettes tend to look stunning in blue shades while blondes look dashing in black and warm colors. Red heads look pretty in pastels including pink and turquoise. If you plan to change your hair color before your event, think about that when shopping for your dress.




Finally, preference is always something to consider when selecting a dress to wear to your event. If you aren’t absolutely in love with the color, then you will not love the dress on you. If you feel fabulous in red even though the “rules” would tell you blue, then pick the red! Adjust your make up to brighten your skin. Look for a dress that compliments YOU and feels red carpet worthy.




Hopefully these tips will help you find your favorite homecoming dress or prom dress ever! Take a look at Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for fall’s hottest colors!



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