Celebrity Style

From the Red Carpet, to the street, to the stage, to the movie screen, big-time celebrities are always in the spotlight.  They get their picture taken everywhere, so the pressure to look presentable is always on.  But in the real world, things are a little different.  We might not have photographers flashing cameras in our faces at every turn, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dress to impress … at least some of the time.

Celebrities attend events on a regular basis that require gowns, jewels, and intense hair and make-up sessions.  Even though a regular girl’s schedule doesn’t include nearly as many screenings, award shows, or promotion events as Angelina Jolie’s might, that doesn’t mean we can’t channel celebrity glamour when we do have the chance to get dressed up.  For a big night out, a celebrity-inspired gown will ‘wow’ everyone – complete the look with standout accessories, dramatic make-up and a fabulous hair style.  If you’re going for something more original than celebrity style, make an impact with a bold pattern and some sparkle.  Even a cute short dress can look sexy and sophisticated.  Whatever you choose, you don’t have to be a celebrity look-alike to feel or dress like one.  You can be a celebrity in your own right – just have your friends bring their cameras, and you’ll all serve as your own paparazzi!  Any nighttime look can certainly make you feel like a million bucks, even if you don’t have that much to spend!


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