Bohemian Babe

Perhaps you’ve read some of my past fashion tips and are thinking, “Brianna, there is no way I’m going to put studs all over my nails, let’s be real.” and you would completely justified! So today’s look is for the girl who’s a little more grounded but still wants to make a lasting impression at her homecoming, prom, or special occasion. I adore the bohemian vibe that’s been inspiring celebrities and the runway recently but I’ve found that for a style that oozes ease and elegance it can be difficult to pull the whole look together.

Luckily Faviana makes it easy to capture the boho chic look we all want! Faviana’s gown 6366 is the perfect dress to compliment his particular style, the beautiful aqua foil print looks amazing with any skin tone or hair color. As we know I love an interesting back and the back treatment on this gown is top notch, you’ll make an impression as you leave and not just when you walk in! Try pairing this gown with an interesting and highly textured braid such as Heidi Kulm’s or Ashley Tisdale’s. Don’t be afraid to go big with your accessories, and don’t be scared to make them different!

Try something new such as a hand harness or multiple bangles but keep your makeup simple to highlight your natural beauty! Let us know if you liked this weeks style tip or if there are any more styles and trends you’d like to see here at Faviana!


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