The Best Time To Shop For A Prom Dress


The Best Time to Shop

For A Prom Dress


Here at Faviana we look forward to prom season almost as much as the lovely ladies that get to attend them! Of course this is because we love to see our fashion smart girls rocking their favorite Faviana styles. Seeing your beautiful prom pictures and knowing that you chose us to be a part of our big day makes the endless hours of meticulous design and careful color choosing worth it! We want to make your prom shopping experience as fun and stress free as possible, so today we’re going to give you the down low on the best time to shop for your prom dresses 2014!

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We always tell girls that the best time to start shopping for a prom dress is January. I know this seems ridiculously early and you might be thinking, “I don’t have my prom until May! March is plenty of time to start looking!” but when it comes to shopping for your red carpet dresses the early bird catches the bedazzled worm.


Beginning your search in January may seem premature but retailers will already be stocking their racks by then. Starting early will allow you to fully sift through the myriad of options and give you plenty of time to make up your mind. So whether you’re caught between purple or red or satin or chiffon you don’t have to rush into a decision and regret your choice later!


If you happen to choose a very popular style you will need to order your dress early to ensure you get the color or size you want in time for your event.  The last thing you want would be for your formal dresses to get back ordered for months! Receiving your dress ahead of time will also make any alterations less stressful, since some tailors need at least a few weeks in advance to make sure your dress fits perfectly. 


Prom dress


Most stores will guarantee not to sell the same dress to another girl attending the same prom and shopping early will make sure you get your dream dress on lock down.

The final perk to early prom shopping is that you get to bypass the last minute rush the rest of the girls have to deal with because they waited! 


Now that we’ve given you the best reasons to shop early you should take a minute to click through our brand new prom dresses, glamour and cocktail collections for 2014.



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