Back To School

Even though it feels as if retailers have been showcasing back to school trends since before school let out, the summer is officially unwinding and we are beginning to focus more on the fall.  With another year of books, papers, midterms, and projects quickly approaching, we are slowly ditching the flip-flops, sunscreen, iced coffee, and shades and using our bag space for books, highlighters, and thermoses of hot coffee to help us with those late night papers. For those of us already in the working world- summer Fridays will soon seize to exist and our sandals and boat shoes will soon be replaced with heels and boots, and our knit maxi dresses will soon be topped with more and more layers until eventually disappearing for winter.

We here at Faviana cannot wait for the upcoming party season. Fall, Winter, and the New Year bring the arrival of homecomings, holidays, proms, and formals.

Faviana has special occasion dresses for all occasions and they are right on target with all of the latest trends. Reds, plums and sparkles were the hottest styles for the 2011 Oscars and have been seen even more since. At the VMA’s this past weekend, though some outfits were more statements than style… shimmer, sequins and feathers were all the rage.  Here at Faviana, we predict that all of these trends will be sizzling hot in the fashion world this year, both on and off the red carpet.

Though the joys of summer are ending, from proms to weddings, this year we have a lot to look forward to in formal wear!


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