Asking a Guy to Prom: A How-To Guide

When Irish chanteuse Tara O’Grady was in high school, she was saddened to discover that prom was looming without a date in sight. “I asked five guys,” she says. “All said no.” She finally convinced a friend of a friend to accompany her as a favor. “Most expensive date ever. $1000! I had to pay for 1940s Rolls Royce and dinner for two at Waldorf Astoria with a guy who pretty much stayed away from me all night.”

Daphne L. had a similar sad story; albeit one that eventually ended happily. Her strict, traditional parents approved of exactly one boy in her class. “Junior year he said ‘no,” Daphne relays with a sigh. “My parents wouldn’t let me go with anyone else.” Not wanting her to miss out on prom, a cousin agreed to accompany her. Things changed at senior prom. Mr. Parentally Approved no longer had a girlfriend and happily joined Daphne for the dance. “He was so sweet . . . the most gorgeous guy there and it was one of the best nights of my life,” she sighs. Since Daphne went to an all-girls high school, if she hadn’t asked, she never would’ve had the chance.

Here are some tips to help your prom be more Daphne, less Tara:

  1. Imagine your worst-case scenario: you ask the guy and he says no. Gasp. Yes, it’s a let-down and somewhat humiliating, but guess what? Nobody has ever died of embarrassment. And once you’ve already prepared for the worst, the best result will be a breeze.
  2. Don’t make a big deal out of it! Yes, prom is a huge moment in your life, but if you psych yourself out you’ll either blush, stutter, or worse when you finally work up your nerve to ask.
  3. Or do make a big deal out of it! If both you and your intended date are outgoing by nature, do something cute like wear a t-shirt that’s been customized with your question, or convince the principal to let you ask him over the loudspeaker during morning announcements.
  4. Don’t rule out the friend zone. Yes, it’d be great if prom turned out to be the most romantic night of your life, but there’s no need to sweat the lack of a boyfriend. Going with a pal is relaxing, fun, and no pressure!

Now get out there and go, Sadie Hawkins!


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