Ashley Benson Guest Blog: If I were going to Prom…..

If I were going to Prom…

Love all my Benzos and living vicariously through you!  Prom season is approaching and I can’t wait see your awesome style and how amaze you all looked in your Faviana dresses. There is so much that goes into Prom Night, it’s like preparing for a movie!  There is the dress, accessories, pre-pampering, and oh ya and I guess your date too lol.  So many details to cover, which is why I’m so thrilled that Faviana created this free prom dresses guide. It has great tips that are useful for any event really (might use some of these for my next one)!

I never had the opportunity to go to my Prom, but I have def thought about how I would do it.  My experience at the Faviana photo shoot made me realize that the most difficult part has to be choosing the dress! The variety of colors, the different beading, and the unique silhouettes made it impossible to choose a fave.  I want to make sure all you benzos have a flawless prom experience, so try some of these tips when choosing your prom dress.  I also added some extra hints for makeup and accessorizing for the big night ;). Ready? The three C’s… Comfort. Color.  Cut. Here goes:

– Comfort: The last thing you want to be doing all night is constantly having to pull up…. or down, your dress.  Make sure you select a style that you can dance the night away in without the worry of exposure.  Nothing says stunning like a confident women.  I felt fun and relaxed in this dress.

– Color: Unfortunately Prom is before beach season (unless you live in LA heehee), so most of you won’t have the time to get that natural glow (and of course fake n’ bake is a no no) so opt for a color that highlights your natural beauty and accents your features.  Not everyone can pull off the season’s hottest neon colors, so I suggest the next best thing, Pastels!  Blonde, Brunette, or Red-head, these colors look great on everyone.  Faviana has the perfect pastel shades. Love these ones:

– Cut: Everyone is shaped differently, so certain silhouettes can look better than others.  Fortunately, there are so many to choose from, mermaid like this one

, cut outs like these beauties

and A-lines like this

So remember ladies… COMFORT, COLOR, & CUT. Weerrrrrrrk!!

For more of my picks for Prom visit Faviana’s Ashley Benson page.

Xx Ashley


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