All That Glitters

They are flashy, they are fun, they are fearless, and they are here- brace yourselves for a fall full of sequins. Sequins are a hot red carpet trend and now they are showing up everywhere from cardigans, dresses, skirts, and shirts to hats, leggings, scarves, belts and bags.

There is something so glamorous and chic about women in sequin dresses at special events. Whether it is a glitzy full sequin mini-dress worn on New Year’s Eve or a sophisticated evening gown with sequin detail worn to a wedding, they definitely make a statement on any garment.

Sequins will probably always remain a timeless trend for cocktail dresses, special occasion attire and celebrities, but from designers sketches to your closets- casual everyday sequins are all the rage this autumn. Do not hesitate to add shine to your daily outfits. Pair a sequin top underneath a blazer or a denim jacket. Try a cute strapless mini that adds glitter to a fun girls night out. If you are more daring, wear patterned sequined leggings for a birthday party or a dinner date.

If full sequin pieces are too bold for you, try more subtle pieces like a statement scarf or items with sequin accents. Look for a pretty top or a skirt with a few well-placed adornments, shiny shoes or sequined baggage. When in doubt finish your outfit off with a stylish belt. With all the everyday stress we encounter, why not incorporate some sparkly to brighten up our days?


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