6 Easy Steps to an At Home Manicure


6 Easy Steps to an At Home Manicure


When I was younger my mom would make me take off my nail polish as soon as it started to chip and I would always be annoyed at how particular she was, but what my mom knew then (that I know now) is your polish goes a long way in making sure you look…polished. All bad puns aside your nails say a lot about your look and you style!

Manicures can be expensive, but here are six easy steps to a perfect at home manicure! Doing your nails at home with your girlfriends will be a much better bonding experience and youʼll still look stellar in your prom dress! 



1. Remove all old nail polish


Starting with a fresh canvas is the necessary first step to making sure your manicure turns out looking professional! After youʼve removed all your old polish wash your hands so your new polish adheres better to the nail.




2. File away!    


Itʼs important that you let your nails dry entirely before you try to file them. Filing when wet will cause major breakage! Gently shape your tips round, square or whatever you prefer making sure to file in one direction. My favorite nail shape right now is “almond” and it looks flattering on every hand!



3. Cuticle care


! Using cuticle oil or a thick lotion gently push back your cuticles with a stick. Be very gentle please! Your cuticles are very important to the health of your nails so avoid cutting them unless you have a hang nail.


4. Apply a base coat


This is something I was horrible at when I was younger, but base coat is the game changer when it comes to your nails! The base coat will help create a smooth surface for your new polish so it comes out bubble free and perfect! Make sure you allow your base coat to dry completely before you put on anything else!





5. The fun part!


Yay!! Itʼs time for color! Whether youʼre going for a classy nude or a bright pop of color itʼll be more fun if you and your girls pool all of your colors together. That way youʼll have a wealth of options! If youʼre looking for some inspiration check out NAILS magazines 10 nail websites to bookmark. 



6. Clean up the edges


My cheating way of cleaning up the edges on my nail polish is to let it dry completely and then simply wash my hands throughly with soap. This will remove any extra polish from your skin. After you wash your nails make sure you go back over your polish with a top coat to seal everything in!

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