The 5 worst things to do to your face


The 5 worst things
to do to your face


Your skin is the biggest organ of your body. It’s responsible for keeping you warm, keeping germs out and keeping your mushy parts in. The skin on your face is particularly thin and needs even more protection from everyday wear. Despite everything it does for us we can extremely hard on our skin! Do you think you’ve got all your basses covered? Here are the 5 worst things we do to our faces and the simple ways to fix them!

5 Worst thing to do to your face


1 – Falling asleep in your makeup

I am completely guilty of this one. After a full day of class, work, and my hour commute both ways when I get home all I want do is crawl into bed and pass out. This of course means that sometimes basic things like doing laundry, eating dinner and yes washing my face are neglected. Unfortunately this is one of the worst things you could do to your skin. You don’t want to sweat through your makeup and allow your foundation to clog your pores while you sleep, that’s a guaranteed break out! If you really don’t have the energy to wash your face because you were up all night partying in your Faviana prom dress try wiping off the majority of your makeup with a makeup remover wipe before you conk out. 

5 worst things to do to your face


2 – Not wearing sunscreen

Some people are surprised to hear that you should wear sunscreen everyday. Sure, that seems normal during the Summer months but its not like the sun disappears in the Fall and Winter. In fact because the light and heat are not as intense we often forget about sun damage unfortunately your face still  would suggest using a daily moisturizer that has SPF in it. After you wash your face in the morning you can apply your lotion and take one extra step out of your regimen without losing protection!

5 worst things to do to your face 


3 – Not exfoliating

Even if you’re washing your face everyday (atta girl!) if you’re not exfoliating on a regular basis your skin still won’t look flawless. That’s because any makeup you apply will stick to the dead layer of skin and leave you looking flakey. Try a gentle exfoliant twice a week to clear away dead skin and any other residual dirt your daily face wash may have left. Don’t over exfoliate tho! You  can cause damage to your skin by rubbing it raw.

5 worst things to do to your face


4 – Using dirty brushes

Dirty brushes will not only lose their ability to apply your make up well but they are full of bacteria and dead skin cells. Eww! Nobody wants that on their face!! I like to wash my brushes about every two weeks using lukewarm water and baby shampoo, (I am often horrified by the amount of product that comes out of my brushes!) Then I reshape them and let them air dry overnight.  Washing your brushes will keep your skin happy and extend the life of your brushes!


5 – Picking

Picking at your pimples is something that we can’t help but do, especially the horrible ones under the skin that seem to have their own pulse. But resist the urge ladies! If you pick at your pimples there’s a chance they can scar and trust me, it’s easier to just leave a pimple alone for a few days then to spend the rest of your life covering acne scars. instead try not to smother it in makeup and use your preferred spot treatment! I personally prefer to put a dab of toothpaste on my break outs and they are always better in the morning or I like to do an aspirin mask like the one found here


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