5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Prom Selfie!


5 Steps to Taking the Perfect Prom Selfie!


1. Check Yo Self

This might seem all too apparent but have you ever glanced at yourself in the mirror thought you looked perfect and then taken a selfie and your camera said “lol nope!”. This happens to everyone but itʼll save you time if youʼre sure the hanging straps on your cocktail dress arenʼt out!




2. Whatʼs That Behind You?!

Nothing is worse than taking a photo and realizing the back ground is embarrassing! You want your beautiful face and 2014 prom dress to be the highlight of the picture not your messy room! Look for solid colored backgrounds for the best shot.


3. Take Multiples

Not even Beyonce takes awesome pictures every time so donʼt be afraid to take several until you find the right one! Try playing with angles and facial expressions until youʼre satisfied that youʼve got all your bases covered!




4. The Perfect Filter

Everyone has different opinions on filters but prom is supposed to be a happy event so go for the ones that lighten and brighten your photos! I know sometimes a darker filter will hide an imagined imperfection but itʼll cast a gloomy light on the event! Check out this guide by Vogue Australia on how to get the best effects!


5. Be silly!

So people like to make fun of selfies but everyone does them! So take a page from the starsʼ instagram accounts and donʼt take it too seriously! The best selfies are the ones where you an tell that the person is genuinely happy and enjoying themselves and prom is the perfect day for it!

Have an awesome prom ladies and you better tag us in your fabulous faviana selfies! #favianny #favstyle we canʼt wait to see them all! 





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