5 Easy Ways to Love Yourself Better in the New Year!

5 Easy Ways to Love Yourself Better in the New Year!


I know our fashion smart girls are masters of multitasking and nowadays you have to be able to type an email while drinking your morning coffee and walking your dog, all in heels. But this is a New Year and it should be all about a new you! That got me thinking of a few easy ways to spoil yourself in 2014!


1. Meditate!


This may sound silly but taking a few minutes in the morning to center yourself can make all the difference in how you approach your new day! Right after I wake up I like to take a few minutes to determine my main priorities and form a basic game plan. When you can cross things off your mental check list your day will be much more satisfying and productive! 



2. Start a savings account!


You are never too young to start saving for the future! I found this ingenious and easy 52 week savings plan online and I think itʼs a brilliant idea! It starts with putting away just $1 a week! You can read the instructions and find the handy print out here



3. Go to the gym!


This is one of those cliche New Year resolutions but a little cardio can go a long way! And when you slip into your 2014 prom dress and you see all your hard work pay off it will make it that much better! 



4. And eat your cake too!


This may seem contradictory to number 3 on this list but as important as it is to hit the gym on a regular basis you should never let it run your life! If you want to have a piece of cake at your friendʼs birthday you should eat it! Being aware of what you put in your body is important but itʼs equally unhealthy to let food control you.




5. Cross off your bucket list!


In the new year make an effort to cross something off of your bucket list. Go on an adventure! Cut your hair! You know that daring cocktail dress youʼve had your eye on but were convinced you couldnʼt pull off? Whatever youʼve been too afraid to try in 2013 jump right in in 2014. 


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