5 Accessories to Stow in Your Prom Clutch!


5 Accessories to Stow in Your Prom Clutch!


You’ve found your dress, the perfect chandelier earrings, a pair of killer heels and that delicate little clutch. Even though that purse is the furthest things from bottomless here are the accessories that you must cram into it in case of prom emergency (or any special occasion)!


Lip Stain


Your makeup looks fabulous! But dinner and the punch you can’t seem to stop drinking has worn off your lip color! Make sure you stow a long lasting lip stain so you look picture perfect but you don’t have to fuss with lipstick or gloss. Plus who wants their hair sticking in their lipgloss? Not a cute look.






Ok bad news, those killer heels are KILLING your feet. Even if you put in the extra time to break in your shoes (a very worthy investment by the way) you probably have a girlfriend who didn’t. Trust me a bandaid on a blister will earn you life long friendship status. You’ll be at her wedding still brandishing bandaids.




Safety Pins


Wardrobe malfunctions are humiliating in any situation and even though you (probably) won’t end up on TMZ tomorrow there’s no point in not being prepared for something like this! Bring a few big safety pins with you in case you loose the hook and eye for your dress or a strap on your red carpet dress unexpectedly snaps!




Bobby pins


Whether you’re getting your hair professionally done or not bobby pins will take up 0% of the space in your tiny clutch and will make 100% of a difference! As you’re dancing around your hair is bound to loosen up just a touch and any stray hairs can easily be whipped into shape with a hair pin!




Facial Compact 


Your long prom dress and the crowded dance floor has left you a little shinier than you would’ve like. Take a time out in the ladies room to puff your face before getting back to the party! Pro tip: If the bathroom stalls have those paper toilet rim protectors snag a new one to blot your face before reapplying your powder!




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