For decades Sex and the City has been setting the stage for fashion trends. girls everywhere try and channel their inner Carrie, Miranda, charlotte, and even Samantha! Carrie Bradshaw is the ultimate fashionista. From her Manolos to Prada, Carrie never misses a beat.

Faviana is right there to capture all of the latest trends and styles from Sex and the City and more. When the original Sex and the City movie opened how could anyone turn the eyes away from Carrie’s ivory dress from the opening scene Carrie Bradshaw

Faviana definitely couldn’t and created their own interpretation of the dress: Faviana and Carrie. While watching the new film, it is hard to take your eyes off of the fashion. Carrie meets an old flame wearing a dress that is just stunning, and why shouldn’t every girl have that feel like a princess moment. Whether its going to a summer wedding, homecoming dance, or formal event, Faviana gives every girl the chance to channel their inner Carrie Bradshaw with their inspired dress Faviana and Carrie Bradshaw

Fashion is something that every girl uses to express herself and why not there are so many options. Whether you are going to prom, wedding, homecoming, graduation, or just a summer party your fashion is a way to express yourself and Faviana has something for every taste! You don’t have to have Carrie’s long blonde locks, to become your own Carrie Bradshaw in this version SATC or this one Sex and the City

For us fashion gals, the summer is all about adding a cute dress to your wardrobe. Every gal needs to freshen up her summer look! There’s a dress out there for every girl and every occasion. Summer Fun


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