The 10 things you need to survive Fall


The 10 things you need

to survive Fall


I seriously cannot articulate how excited I am for fall. Not only does all of the yummiest food in the world magically come into existence during this season ( pumpkin pie anyone?) fall is my favorite fashion season as well! I know you’re probably holding back tears because the time for sandals and shorts has passed and I love a sundress as much as the next girl but because I am dangerously clumsy I’m always covered in a smattering of unattractive bruises and the sweltering streets of New York City don’t exactly help to keep me looking chic. But I flourish in the fall, so here are the ten fall accessories you need to rock this season! 


1. A Little Black Dress


Little black dress

This is not just for fall, every girl should have a little black dress in the back of her closet. Look for something tailored and classic that you can accessorize in a multitude of ways so you can reinvent it for every occasion!


2. Face Moisturizer with SPF

My last blog talked about the 5 worst things we do to our faces and #2 was not wearing sunscreen! Just because its not burning up outside doesn’t mean that your skin isn’t being damaged by the sun, but the cooler weather can also mean dry and flakey skin. Look for a heavier moisturizer that has spf in it to keep your skin happy!


3. Fall booties

fall booties

I know I’ve said this before but a solid pair of fall boots is something worth investing in! Not only can they extend the life of your spring and summer clothes but they can immediately make any outfit more polished! I have a pair with a small heel and its amazing how they elevate even the most causal of outfits!


4. The Perfect Sweater

So for those mornings when it’s too cold to function and you don’t feel like trying that hard you need to reach for your “perfect” sweater. Everyone has their preferences but I like my sweaters on the slouchy and comfy side. Look for something well made in a neutral color that will last for years! 


5. The Illest Jeans You’ve Ever Worn 

This is another one of those splurge items. You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money for the perfect pair of denims but if the fit and wash are just right snatch them up! A great pair of jeans will last you for years and they are a necessary staple for every season. Check out this blog on choosing the best jeans for your figure!



6. A Crisp Burgundy Lip

The colder weather is the perfect opportunity to sample the Bordeaux lip trend we’ve been seeing celebs like Lily Collins rock on the red carpet. There are a variety of shades and brands so experiment with what works best for your skin tone! Check out Faviana’s blog on how to perfectly apply lipstick here.


7. Your go-to Scarf 

how to survive fall
By Courtney Denton

Scarves are the perfect finishing touch for almost every fall outfit! Not only do they ward away the chill but they’re adorable. My favorite scarf is the above chunky knit infinity number my mom gave me as a gift, it’s almost like leaving the apartment with a blanket wrapped around your shoulders!


8.  A Deep Conditioning Hair mask 

Just like your skin your hair can get extra thirsty in the colder winter months. Try a leave in hair mask at home every two weeks to keep your tresses soft and lush throughout fall!


9. Throw on Some Shades

If you want you can run out for a new pair of shades but the ones you’ve been rocking all summer long will be fine, just make sure you wear them! Our eyes deal with a lot of stress throughout the day in between looking at computer screens and reading  so make sure you’re protecting yours from harmful UV rays. 



This is not something you can purchase in a store but everyone has it in them! My only rule in fashion is there are no rules, so if someone tries to tell you that lilac isn’t an acceptable color for fall smile sweetly and do what you want anyways. I am always in awe of the way girls constantly put their own twist on Faviana dresses and I can’t wait to see what they do with our prom dresses 2014 collection!


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By Faviana NY


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