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Over the past year, counterfeit special occasion dress sales have increased dramatically. Our Faviana dresses are created with high quality material and hand-selected rhinestones. To ensure quality, it is important to purchase one of our styles from an authorized Faviana retailer. Dresses purchased from a non-authorized retailer are often knock-offs. This results in cheap material, and an overall poor quality. 


To ensure this does not happen to you, follow these steps:


  1. Visit our “store locator” to find a retailer near you.
  2. Consider the price. If you find a Faviana dress for significantly less than any other retailer, it is more than likely a fraudulent site.
  3. Look at delivery dates. Typically these knock off sites will have longer than normal time frames. Authentic retailers have access to large inventories and have direct relationships with designers to ensure delivery.
  4. Look for contact information. If no contact info is listed, especially an address, make sure they are an authorized retailer.


Images can be deceiving. Counterfeit sites often steal images from designer websites to use as their own. Customers receive a poorly constructed knockoff dress. Some may not even receive a dress at all!


Watch below to see how these counterfeit sites crush prom dreams. 



Click here to see the video below.